Custom Orthotics

Suffering from headaches, pain in your low back, knees and hips?

Did you know…  Imbalances in your feet could be the cause.

It all starts in the feet. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Just like the foundation supports the structural integrity of the house, your feet support the structural balance of your body. If not properly balanced, your feet can cause pain to other parts of your body even though your feet may not hurt.

What can help?

Custom Orthotics can properly balance and position the feet providing support to all 3 arches on your foot. Further, your arches provide the foot with the strength to support the body in a balanced fashion.

Chiropractic Wellness Centre has teamed up with Foot Levelers to provide our customers with the world’s #1 recommended custom orthotics. Our office is equipped with a state of the art foot levelling machine. A simple foot scan and impression could the only thing between you and relief from pain.

While custom orthotics are clinically proven to reduce the pain they also improve whole-body wellness.

Custom Orthotics
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